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We have designated sales representatives based on the export countries,
so Kindly refer to the sales organization category before leaving purchase inquiry.

Q I would like to receive a sample of the product.
A You can request a sample book by submitting an inquiry through the route provided below.
[Inquiries] – [Customer Inquiries – Make inquiries]
Q Does each company of Moorim group produce different products?
A Moorim Paper and P&P mainly produce printing & writing paper, while Moorim SP mainly specializes in specialty paper.


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Q I would like to check the type of environmental certificate that each product has.
A  You can find the related info through the route provided below.

[Products] – [Test Reports/Certificates]

Before using environmental certificates, please check with your salesperson to confirm whether the purchased products are allowed to use the corresponding certificates.


Q I would like to know the pulp & paper manufacturing process of Moorim.
A Moorim P&P’s Integrated Pulp&Paper mill is the only factory in Korea, which provides one-stop manufacture from pulp to paper. You can check out the detail manufacturing process through the route provided below.

[Promotion] – [Integrated Mill]  - [Manufacturing Process]
Q Please recommend types of papers.

Please refer to Product > Paper for the information on characteristics and usage for each product​