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Moorim participates in the exposition, “Nano Korea 2021”

Moorim participated in the exposition Nano Korea 2021 held from the 7th to the 9th of July at KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea to showcase the next generation of environment-friendly materials including ‘nano-cellulose’ materials, confirming its status as a company that encompasses businesses in pulp, paper-manufacturing and new materials.   ▲ Visitors to the booth of Moorim are taking a look at the various everyday items made of new materials developed by Moorim.​    ▲ Nano-cellulose fiber (CNF) extracted from pulp Nano-cellulose is created by breaking the cellulose fiber extracted from pulp into a size of mere nanometers (or one billionth of a meter). While its mass is only one fifth of that of steel, its strength is five times greater. With high thermal stability and hydrophilic features, the material is expected to have a wide range of applications including in the automobile and chemical industries. Moorim P&P is the only Korean company that produces pulp. The company has the original technology for manufacturing nano-cellulose using fresh pulp in lieu of dried pulp, securing competitiveness in both quality and costs.   At the recent Nano Korea 2021 exposition, Moorim P&P has unveiled a wide range of product prototypes with many applications leveraging the key characteristics of nano-cellulose. Such products include skincare products that make the most of nano-cellulose’s high viscosity and hydrating feature, drugs with barriers that block out oxygen or moisture, food packaging materials and materials used for the interior of automobiles that can replace plastic thanks to their superior strength.    ​▲ Moorim’s molded products made of pulp One of the things that drew particular attention was the molded products using pulp. These include plates, bento boxes, take-away cups and lids that are lauded as environment-friendly and hygienic options within the food container market. The molded products made of natural pulp by Moorim are not coated with PE, making them not only free from hormones that would disrupt the endocrine system of the human body, but also more conducive to recycling. Because they are made of pulp, they are also biodegradable. The strong resistance to water and oil allows the material to be used for hygienic keeping of food. The containers made of the material can stand temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius below zero, but also can be used in microwaves. Moorim P&P has plans to establish some of the largest facilities in Korea dedicated to the production of pulp molds during the second half of 2021. This will allow the company to become one of the few in Korea to produce pulp in-house, that can then be used to supply pulp molds of greater hygiene and strength.    ▲ Pulp mannequins, pulp clothes hangers and biodegradable plastic products Other items that were showcased include wooden plastic made of pulp, wooden materials or sawdust, as well as biodegradable plastic products. These materials are used to replace existing plastic in a wide range of areas, such as in clothes hangers, toothbrushes, containers for skincare products and pots used for plants. A representative of Moorim has noted that the booth was designed based on a concept of an environment-friendly eco-shop to promote the company’s commitment to becoming a company specializing in environment-friendly new materials that bring new value to daily life, and taking the lead in raising awareness on sustainability. 

Date 2021.07.08
[FSC®] One simple action with MOORIM PAPER

Moorim Paper is the first paper producer to be FSC®-certified in Korea and the only paper company managing FSC®-certified forests in Korea. Moorim Paper, Moorim SP and Moorim P&P have all acquired FSC® - CoC(Forest Stewardship Council® - Chain of Custody) certifications. We are equipped with the system to produce more responsible forestry FSC® certified products. For all, Forever 

Date 2021.06.02
Moorim Paper joins ‘GoGo Challenge’

CEO of Moorim Paper, Mr. Do-kyun Lee, participated in the ‘GoGo Challenge’ event hosted by the KOREA Ministry of Environment on the 8th and announced the company’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly, paper-based products that would replace plastic items. Started in early January by the Ministry of Environment, the GoGo Challenge Campaign is a movement to encourage reduced use of disposable or plastic items in everyday life. The campaign encourages people to ‘act on one thing we must absolutely do, and refrain from not doing one thing we shouldn't be doing’. At the event, Mr. Lee emphasized, “Moorim is determined to take the lead in reducing the use of plastic items and developing environmentally friendly paper-based products. There cannot be a better time to remind ourselves of one of Moorim’s missions to realize ‘pulp and paper manufacturing technologies that bring value to everyday life’. All employees at Moorim will remain committed to opening up a chapter for new possibilities for environmental values brought by paper and pulp.” In recent months, Moorim has taken a more aggressive approach towards growing the environmentally friendly product market with its brand, Neoforêt.     Under the brand are re-usable paper straws and paper cups that are expected to replace their plastic counterparts and paper buffer materials that will replace bubble wrap in delivery packages. All Neoforêt products are naturally bio-degradable in 45 days. 

Date 2021.04.08
Moorim develops environmentally friendly paper-based buffer materials for packaging to replace bubble wrap

Moorim, Korea’s leading pulp and paper manufacturing company, announced on the 29th that it developed environmentally friendly buffer materials for packaging jointly with CJ Logistics. According to Moorim, the ‘Neoforêt buffer material’ was developed in November of last year and went through a trial period of 3-4 months before being applied in earnest to some packages leaving from the Baekam Logistic Center of CJ Logistics. The buffer material is the size of a person’s palm at approximately 7cm x 7cm in size and 1.6g in weight. Moorim has completed its application for the patent of the related technologies and has acquired a recyclability certification from PTS, one of Europe’s leading testing institutions.      Buffer materials are placed in packages to prevent delivery items from being damaged. Usually they consist of Styrofoam, plastic or so-called ‘bubble wrap’. But such materials do not easily break down for a long time, contributing to environmental pollution. Many companies have developed buffer materials using paper to address this issue but only so much could be done to make the end product environmentally friendly, as some complementary materials, such as the glue used to seal the product could not be made with 100% environment-friendly material. The paper buffer material developed by Moorim uses a heat sealing method to keep the air inside the buffer material and has removed the need for any glue. Moorim explains that this is what distinctively sets the product apart from those of competitors.     A representative of Moorim explained, “The buffer material has been approved by Korea Environment Corporation under the Ministry of Environment to use the ‘recyclable paper’ label, which further confirms the environmental friendliness of our product. It also makes it convenient for consumers, as they can simply place the material in the recyclable paper bin without further treatment. The product perfectly aligns with the Ministry’s policies to encourage reduced usage of disposable plastic items.”   

Date 2021.03.30
Moorim P&P develops environment-friendly hangers made of pulp

       Moorim P&P (led by CEO Do-kyun Lee), Korea’s leading pulp and paper manufacturer, has developed an eco-friendly hanger using pulp that has thus far only been considered a main ingredient for paper manufacturing. Pulp hangers were developed jointly with KOLON Sport, a major outdoor clothing brand of Korea, using eco-plastic. Eco-plastic has drastically reduced the share of petroleum-based plastic, a culprit of environmental pollution that goes into the production and replaces it with pulp, which is an environmentally friendly biomass material. Moorim P&P, as the only company in Korea that produces pulp, the main ingredient for paper, has long taken notice of the material’s environmental friendliness and have conducted research in its application. The latest environmentally friendly hanger is the first case of commercializing such efforts. Using recycled polymers, the hangers help reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional plastic hangers and are in-line with the policies for resource recycling. Compared to the carbon dioxide emissions coming from conventional plastic hangers (approximately 1470g CO²/㎏), the pulp hangers can cut the emissions by 25% and are expected to be hailed as an upcycled product that adds value in terms of design, too. The mannequin is made of bio-degradable plastic developed jointly with GVM Korea, by applying the pulp and saw dust of Moorim P&P in lieu of fiber-reinforced plastic that is not bio-degradable. The market for bio-degradable plastic has seen rapid growth from one worth approximately 2.6 billion dollars in 2013 to one worth approximately 5.1 billion dollars in 2018. In leading industrialized markets such as those of North America and Europe, more stringent environmental regulations and voluntary movements of consumers have taken off, leading to the demand for eco-friendly plastic to continue to grow. A representative of Moorim P&P commented, “Moorim is actively seeking to secure new growth engines, by conducting research on replacing environmentally friendly materials such as pulp in the production of regular plastic commonly used in everyday products such as toothbrushes or caps of bottles. With the same level of durability and added environmental friendliness, bio-degradable plastic products can be applied to a variety of industries and will help with the reduction of carbon emissions and realization of upcycled value.” 

Date 2021.03.11
A contact-less ceremony to kick off the new work year of 2021 took place

On January 4, the first day of work in the new year, Moorim held a kick-off ceremony online to share messages related to the company’s business management with its employees at all sites. All employees, regardless of their geographic location and connection method whether it was via intranet or mobile devices, were able to tune into the online kick-off ceremony that was held where work-from-home has become more of the norm to minimize contact.   The ceremony featured a video message from the CEO, a clip introducing key activities that took place at Moorim and new year’s greetings from the employees of Moorim’s various business sites. The CEO of Moorim, Mr. Do-kyun Lee emphasized in his video message that we need to change the way we think in a changing business environment, and should work towards making 2021 as the starting point for building up environmentally friendly businesses in new sectors in addition to the production of environmentally friendly paper. Moorim used the first-ever online kick-off ceremony to offer a forum for sharing thoughts among employees in a contactless environment and reconfirm the company’s commitment to better performance in the new year.   

Date 2021.01.04
Moorim showcases its new materials at ‘Nano Korea 2020’

Nano Korea 2020, an international event where a variety of cutting-edge research and applied products in the field of nano-technology are displayed, took place on July 1 at Kintex.  The event had a dedicated pavilion for paper manufacturing companies to unveil a wide range of environmentally friendly materials. Moorim set the theme of its booth as ‘The environmentally friendly philosophy of Moorim and its new materials that promote harmony between mankind and nature’. The booth also showcased the environmentally friendly process adopted by Moorim featuring a virtuous cycle that starts from natural materials that are then converted into paper, which is then returned to nature. Of particular note were nano-cellulose-related technology and products where such technology has been applied and are drawing attention as the next-generation of environmentally friendly materials. Nano-cellulose is a high polymer substance where cellulose, a fiber content of wood is broken down into one nanometer or one-billionth of a meter. It is an environmentally friendly substance extracted from pulp produced by Moorim.       Unlike other paper-manufacturing companies that import their pulp, Moorim P&P produces its own pulp, making Moorim the only Korean company to do so. This allows Moorim to secure price competitiveness in the production of nano-cellulose. Leveraging this competitiveness, Moorim is currently conducting research on the application of nano-cellulose to special function films or built-in complex materials such as door trims of automobiles.      The company is also stepping up its development of bio-degradable plastic, using environment-friendly pulp or wood. Bio-degradable materials are organic materials that naturally disintegrate with the help of ultra-violet rays, certain temperature, humidity levels and micro-organisms. The new material is anticipated to be hailed as an alternative to plastic which is one of the biggest culprits of environmental pollution. One industry insider noted, “The paper-manufacturing industry has recently been seen as that of a by-gone era and heading further downhill with the paperless trend, but in reality the environmentally friendly value of paper is being highlighted, as we increasingly look for alternatives to plastic. The industry is expected to expand into areas focusing on new materials, in addition to its traditional business of producing paper using pulp.”     

Date 2020.07.01
Moorim receives the Special Contribution Award from the global corporation, Avery Dennison.

On June 2, Moorim received the Special Contribution Award from Avery Dennison, the global leader in the field of label and packing solutions. The Award was given in recognition of stable product supply, consistent quality of its products and proactive efforts for new product development while supplying various types of labeling paper to the overseas branches of Avery Dennison since 2014, including to its affiliates in China, India and Thailand. The latest award is particularly meaningful in that Moorim is the only Korean company to be recognized by a global leader in the market for sticker labels for the outstanding quality of its products and services. When Avery Dennison faced a potential disruption in production due to the shortage of supply from a Japanese paper manufacturer, Moorim quickly stepped in and helped them avert a crisis. Despite the award ceremony taking place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interest in the event nonetheless did not waver, with many senior executives of Avery Dennison being present to deliver their words of congratulations.  

Date 2020.06.02