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ARTIZEN has been born to capture hundreds and thousands of different colors on paper to upgrade your designs into a piece of art with its sophisticated and measured colors.  ARTIZEN brings out the sophisticated feel and lively colors that only roughgloss paper can bring out, to highlight your designs.  Capturing fancy colors as they are on paper. ARTIZEN, with its unique texture, brings out the liveliness of colors not just to the expert’s eyes, but also to laymen. Hundreds or thousands of fancy colors can now be captured as they are on paper, helping artists fulfill their dreams of achieving something extra with their designs.  Come take a look at what ARTIZEN can offer through our video!  

Date 2021.10.20
Moorim develops bio-degradable ‘paper straws’

 ​[Moorim’s U-shaped paper straw]​ As environment-friendly activities have now become an essential element of corporate activities, and consumers, too, look for better value in environment-friendly products, companies in the food and beverage industry or logistics industry are some of the first to go plastic-free.  In line with this trend, it was not rare to hear of a franchise coffee store offering environment-friendly paper straws in lieu of plastic straws, but now the straws that come attached to prepackaged beverages sold through large supermarkets and convenience stores are also being replaced with paper straws to great acclaim.  Prepackaged beverages, such as dairy products and fruit juices often come with a U-shaped straw for the consumer’s convenience. But since the frequent bending required for U-shaped straws made them more prone to damage, replacing them with paper straws had been challenging.   But U-shaped paper straws that have addressed this issue have become available to wide acclaim from the Korean beverage industry. Seoil, a global market leader of straws, has created such products using Moorim’s paper ‘Neoforêt STRAW’ which was developed for paper straws.   A representative of Seoil commented, “Since this is a product that directly touches consumers’ mouths, meeting the standards of food safety and hygiene are some of the basic boxes we have ticked off. The product has passed the tests of both U.S. FDA and Europe’s BfR, and are produced under strict quality control. The environment-friendly paper straws are gaining popularity, and we have been receiving a stream of inquiries.” ​[The environment-friendly paper straw of Moorim] Seoil had been supplying its paper straws made of imported paper to Maeil Dairy, Jeong Foods, Dongwon F&B, Hanmi Healthcare, Seoul Milk, Yonsei Milk, Samyook Food and Happy Fruit. But as Moorim recently launched ‘Neoforêt​ STRAW’ with improved durability making it fit for producing pleated type straws and minimal softening while the straws are in use, providing a strength that is similar to conventional plastic straws, Seoil has decided to switch over to using Neoforêt​ STRAW in lieu of the imported paper to produce straws with gradual increase of supply to domestic and international clients scheduled over time. The U-shaped paper straws to be attached to prepackaged beverages are often used for health supplement beverages or children’s dairy products. As such, meeting the requirements for food safety is also of high importance. ‘Neoforêt​ STRAW’ which is made of natural pulp has received approval from the U.S. FDA and Europe’s BfR. It has also won certification for both recycling and bio-degradability, meeting the standards for environment-friendliness.   Meanwhile, Moorim, a company specializing in environment-friendly paper manufacturing, has been working on replacing the plastic used for packaging the paper straws in order to attach them to the boxed beverage, with paper as well. It has finally developed such a paper and is currently going through a PTS certification process (i.e. certification for recyclability). Once it is commercialized in earnest, we can expect to see 100% eco-packaging used on boxed beverages where all plastic is replaced by paper.  

Date 2021.10.07
Moorim develops bio-degradable ‘paper straws’ that captures the company’s environmental values

  Moorim P&P will be attending the 26th Korea International Plastics and Rubber Show (KOPLAS 2021)' being held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall No.2 from Wednesday, August 25th to Saturday, August 28th to unveil its new environment-friendly bio-plastic that has added pulp to reduce carbon emissions while improving its bio-degradability. Moorim P&P is a leader in Korea’s printing paper industry. Established 65 years ago, Moorim P&P is now the only company in Korea to produces its own pulp used in paper manufacturing. It has also become the first Korean company to establish an integrated system for paper manufacturing to provide more competitive production capabilities and differentiated quality in its products, presenting a new paradigm for the industry. Drawing on its technologies in pulp and paper manufacturing, Moorim is now taking the lead in developing new environment-friendly materials that capture the company’s philosophy of valuing environmental preservation. At this upcoming show, Moorim will be showcasing environment-friendly bio-plastic developed using high quality pulp, wood chips and wood particles. Bio-plastic that has reduced carbon emissions by adding pulp to regular plastic (PP), bio-degradable plastic (PLA) with even higher bio-degradability by adding pulp, and pulp mannequins made of a mixture of 90% pulp and environment-friendly polymers are all boundary-pushing bio-plastic products that reduce carbon emissions and realize the value of up-cycling. These products can be found at the booth of Moorim P&P.   In addition, information on environment-friendly bio master batches (M/B) with more than 50% content of cellulose and technologies to produce bio-compound materials that can be used for injections will also be made available at the booth. At present, the environment-friendly bio-plastics of Moorim P&P are used to produce everyday products such as hangers, mannequins, toothbrushes and buckets, as well as cosmetics containers and boxes. In the future, they are expected to be used to produce food containers and films.  In addition to environment-friendly bio-plastics, nano-cellulose that is currently in development by using pulp, can also found at the booth. Nano-cellulose has a size of one nano-meter (or one billionth of a meter) and a weight of one fifth of that of steel, but its strength is five times that of steel and has excellent thermal stability and high hydrophilicity, making it highly applicable to various industries including the automobile, cosmetics and chemical industries while remaining environment-friendly. Nano-cellulose is being used to develop skincare products with active ingredients that make the most of its high viscosity and moisturizing abilities, food packaging materials that leverage its function as an oxygen barrier, and materials used for the interior of automobiles to replace plastic while offering greater strength.  A representative of the research center at Moorim P&P noted, "The nano-cellulose in a powder format that is currently in development by Moorim is expected to increase the strength when used in plastic (PP)-based composite materials for the interior of automobiles. When used that way, it also reduces the amount of plastic (PP), making the automobile lighter and improving fuel efficiency." 

Date 2021.08.25
Moorim’s Neoforêt brand are chosen as ‘green products of the year.’

 Moorim Paper, a leader in Korea’s environment-friendly paper manufacturing industry, was given three honors as three of its products, ‘Neoforêt​ CUP’, ‘Neoforêt​ STRAW’ and ‘Neoforêt​ buffer material’ were selected by consumers as ‘green products of the year 2021’. This is the first time a Korean paper manufacturer was awarded three honors at the same time.  ‘Green products of the year’ are chosen by environmental groups and consumers who participate throughout the entire selection process, from the selection of candidate products to actual voting, and thus is given high credibility. The non-profit civic group, Green Purchase Network hosts the competition each year, with evaluators of consumer groups and environmental groups from across the country casting their votes after using the candidate products themselves and evaluating the products for their environment-friendliness, function and value for price.  The three products of Moorim that won the honor received high praise for their contribution to environmental preservation and recycling, by replacing hard or soft plastic materials used in conventional products with environment-friendly paper. The three products of Moorim are often referred to as the ‘three leaders of environment-friendly paper’ that capture what Moorim does best. The latest honors add to the outstanding track record the products have accumulated in environment-friendliness, and thus marks an important point in the Korean paper manufacturing industry as a whole. Neoforêt​ CUP, for instance, uses environment-friendly water-soluble coating liquid, making the cups bio-degradable within 45 days. Verified for their environment-friendliness, it is already supplied to a number of convenience stores and large supermarkets.Neoforêt​ STRAW, meanwhile, is used to produce paper straws made of natural pulp. It has passed tests for environment-friendliness and have been certified for both its bio-degradability and recyclability, making Moorim the only paper manufacturer in Korea to have a dual certification. Moreover, thanks to its outstanding durability, the straws are able to maintain their original form for a longer period and offer improved feel to the touch. The paper has also passed the safety tests of the U.S. FDA and BfR of Europe. ‘Neoforêt​ buffer material’ is used to produce materials that replace the conventional Styrofoam, plastic or bubble wrap used to prevent damage in packages. The material is also patented for its paper cushion format where air is injected to absorb shock. Paper buffer materials are about the size of a palm or approximately 7 cm on each side for each unit, weighing a mere 1.6g but is durable enough to withstand the weight of one package of rice. The outstanding durability and environment-friendliness were recognized at the ‘15th Korea Packaging Competition’, winning the Award by the President of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. At present, it is used by the Baekam Logistics Center of CJ Logistics for some of its packages. The latest awards have proven to Moorim that there is growing demand from consumers for environment-friendly paper, and plans to live up to such demand by continuing its development of various paper products that have wide applicability in everyday life, thus leading the market for environment-friendly paper products. 

Date 2021.08.13
Moorim P&P signs an MOU with Kolmar Korea

Moorim P&P, Korea’s only company with businesses encompassing pulp manufacturing, paper manufacturing and new materials has signed an MOU with Kolmar Korea, an internationally renowned ODM company for skincare products on July 6th.  The MOU will lay the groundwork for strategic alliance in the development of environment-friendly packaging and ingredients for skincare products.    ▲ President Dogyun Lee of Moorim P&P (left) and President Byeongjun Ahn of Kolmar Korea (right) signed an agreement on July 6th, outlining future cooperation in the development of environment-friendly paper packaging materials and ingredients used for skincare products.     As an increasing number of companies seek to adopt values associated with the environment, society and governance into their business management company, Moorim, too has presented a new direction for environment-friendly products as a leader in its industry and re-affirmed its commitment to take the lead in invigorating the market. The latest agreement between Moorim P&P and Kolmar Korea will kick-start the R&D in applying the naturally derived material, ‘nano-cellulose to containers, packaging and even ingredients used for skincare products. This is of particular note as paper and pulp are considered one of the most environment-friendly materials that can be used in this industry and nano-cellulose is derived from pulp. Nano-cellulose, derived from environment-friendly materials, is known to be effective in reinforcing hydration. This has prompted much research for further application in a wider range of industries. In Korea, Moorim is the only company to produce pulp in-house and have a competitive edge in related technologies.  President Dogyun Lee of Moorim commented at the signing ceremony, “The environment-friendliness of paper which is close to its natural form, has been widely recognized. We are taking one step forward from using environment-friendly paper for packaging to develop environment-friendly nano-cellulose that can be applied even as an ingredient in skincare products. We have high hopes that this will open a genuinely environment-friendly era within the skincare industry.”  The signing of the latest MOU is in fact not the first of such cooperation. Towards the end of last year, Kolmar Korea used paper produced by Moorim to create an environment-friendly paper tube container for its skincare products, the first of its kind in Korea. As the paper tube containers replace the existing plastic containers, the use of plastic has been saved by approximately 80%, drawing much attention from the industry. From the very early stages of project conception, Kolmar Korea opted for paper produced by Moorim, a company that has been recognized for its advanced technologies in manufacturing environment-friendly paper. Kolmar’s strategy is to draw further on this technological synergy that has been verified through the production of paper tube products, to lead the market.  President Byeongjun Ahn of Kolmar Korea noted, “Since its establishment, Kolmar Korea has been leading the market with its outstanding R&D capabilities. It has also presented new paradigms in the packaging of skincare products. The MOU with Moorim P&P will allow us to usher in a new eco-system for environment-friendly skincare packaging, which will in turn reinforce ESG values in the management of the company.”   

Date 2021.07.08
Moorim participates in the exposition, “Nano Korea 2021”

Moorim participated in the exposition Nano Korea 2021 held from the 7th to the 9th of July at KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea to showcase the next generation of environment-friendly materials including ‘nano-cellulose’ materials, confirming its status as a company that encompasses businesses in pulp, paper-manufacturing and new materials.   ▲ Visitors to the booth of Moorim are taking a look at the various everyday items made of new materials developed by Moorim.​    ▲ Nano-cellulose fiber (CNF) extracted from pulp Nano-cellulose is created by breaking the cellulose fiber extracted from pulp into a size of mere nanometers (or one billionth of a meter). While its mass is only one fifth of that of steel, its strength is five times greater. With high thermal stability and hydrophilic features, the material is expected to have a wide range of applications including in the automobile and chemical industries. Moorim P&P is the only Korean company that produces pulp. The company has the original technology for manufacturing nano-cellulose using fresh pulp in lieu of dried pulp, securing competitiveness in both quality and costs.   At the recent Nano Korea 2021 exposition, Moorim P&P has unveiled a wide range of product prototypes with many applications leveraging the key characteristics of nano-cellulose. Such products include skincare products that make the most of nano-cellulose’s high viscosity and hydrating feature, drugs with barriers that block out oxygen or moisture, food packaging materials and materials used for the interior of automobiles that can replace plastic thanks to their superior strength.    ​▲ Moorim’s molded products made of pulp One of the things that drew particular attention was the molded products using pulp. These include plates, bento boxes, take-away cups and lids that are lauded as environment-friendly and hygienic options within the food container market. The molded products made of natural pulp by Moorim are not coated with PE, making them not only free from hormones that would disrupt the endocrine system of the human body, but also more conducive to recycling. Because they are made of pulp, they are also biodegradable. The strong resistance to water and oil allows the material to be used for hygienic keeping of food. The containers made of the material can stand temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius below zero, but also can be used in microwaves. Moorim P&P has plans to establish some of the largest facilities in Korea dedicated to the production of pulp molds during the second half of 2021. This will allow the company to become one of the few in Korea to produce pulp in-house, that can then be used to supply pulp molds of greater hygiene and strength.    ▲ Pulp mannequins, pulp clothes hangers and biodegradable plastic products Other items that were showcased include wooden plastic made of pulp, wooden materials or sawdust, as well as biodegradable plastic products. These materials are used to replace existing plastic in a wide range of areas, such as in clothes hangers, toothbrushes, containers for skincare products and pots used for plants. A representative of Moorim has noted that the booth was designed based on a concept of an environment-friendly eco-shop to promote the company’s commitment to becoming a company specializing in environment-friendly new materials that bring new value to daily life, and taking the lead in raising awareness on sustainability. 

Date 2021.07.08
[FSC®] One simple action with MOORIM PAPER

Moorim Paper is the first paper producer to be FSC®-certified in Korea and the only paper company managing FSC®-certified forests in Korea. Moorim Paper, Moorim SP and Moorim P&P have all acquired FSC® - CoC(Forest Stewardship Council® - Chain of Custody) certifications. We are equipped with the system to produce more responsible forestry FSC® certified products. For all, Forever 

Date 2021.06.02
Moorim Paper joins ‘GoGo Challenge’

CEO of Moorim Paper, Mr. Do-kyun Lee, participated in the ‘GoGo Challenge’ event hosted by the KOREA Ministry of Environment on the 8th and announced the company’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly, paper-based products that would replace plastic items. Started in early January by the Ministry of Environment, the GoGo Challenge Campaign is a movement to encourage reduced use of disposable or plastic items in everyday life. The campaign encourages people to ‘act on one thing we must absolutely do, and refrain from not doing one thing we shouldn't be doing’. At the event, Mr. Lee emphasized, “Moorim is determined to take the lead in reducing the use of plastic items and developing environmentally friendly paper-based products. There cannot be a better time to remind ourselves of one of Moorim’s missions to realize ‘pulp and paper manufacturing technologies that bring value to everyday life’. All employees at Moorim will remain committed to opening up a chapter for new possibilities for environmental values brought by paper and pulp.” In recent months, Moorim has taken a more aggressive approach towards growing the environmentally friendly product market with its brand, Neoforêt.     Under the brand are re-usable paper straws and paper cups that are expected to replace their plastic counterparts and paper buffer materials that will replace bubble wrap in delivery packages. All Neoforêt products are naturally bio-degradable in 45 days. 

Date 2021.04.08