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moohae Paper Wipes’ selected as the “Superior Sustainability Brand” at the 2023 Seoul Café Show

 ​‘moohae Paper Wipes’ by Moorim P&P (CEO Lee Do-kyun), a comprehensive pulp, paper, and new materials company, has been selected as the ‘Superior Sustainability Brand’ at the ‘Excellence Awards, the official award of the ‘2023 Seoul Café Show’ (Seoul Café Show). The Seoul Café Show shortlists ‘Cherry’s Choice’ entries among the innovative new products by the participating exhibitors and finalizes the Excellence Award winners in design, new technology, and sustainability categories. This year, out of a total of 672 entries, Moorim’s ‘moohae Paper Wipes’ were honored as the best brand in the sustainability category. This is the second time Moorim has won the Excellence Award, following ‘Neo Foret CUP,’ an eco-friendly raw paper for paper cups, in 2020, and it is once again recognized that Moorim is presenting sustainability through various eco-friendly paper products in everyday life. According to the Seoul Café Show Secretariat, Moorim’s ‘moohae Paper Wipes,’ which uses a real biodegradable paper fabric made from 100% natural pulp, is a sustainable innovation that meets the needs of both the F&B industry and the environment, unlike existing tissue fabrics. In addition, the Secretariat mentioned that the product was selected for the award because it introduced ‘paper’ as a packaging material and applied ‘Neo Foret FLEX,’ a recyclable paper packaging material with an eco-friendly water-based coating. Moorim’s ‘moohae Paper Wipes’ is made of paper fabric, a natural biodegradable material that replaces synthetic fibers such as non-woven fabrics and polyester, so it can be used without worrying about microplastics and can be separately disposed of as paper after use. The strength of the paper fabric, which is different from other tissue fabrics on the market, is also an advantage. It is safe for sensitive skin as it has been tested for the absence of fluorescent brighteners and three harmful substances, and it is a Korean-made product that has undergone strict hygiene management. The product is available in the ‘Moorim Store’ in the Naver Smart Store. On the other hand, Moorim also plans to support the Seoul Café Show’s eco-friendly campaign, ‘Thank you, Coffee,’ by sponsoring paper wipes to 300 cafés participating in the Seoul Café Show and its partner program to provide an opportunity to experience environmentally friendly paper products. Through this collaboration, Moorim aims to promote the sustainability of paper and meet the eco-friendly needs of the F&B industry amid the ESG transition.​ 

Date 2023.11.09
National snacks to be packed in harmless molded pulp ‘moohae’!

  ​Moorim P&P, a pulp, paper, and new materials company, has partnered with Kyochon F&B, which operates Kyochon Chicken, to introduce an eco-friendly molded pulp called ‘moohae (which means harmless in Korean)’ to its chicken boxes and actively implement ESG values. The chicken box with natural pulp was developed for the first time in Korea by two companies – one leading the molded pulp and another leading chicken franchise industries – and is said to have set another standard for eco-friendly containers by utilizing the advantages of molded pulp that can be molded into any desired shape.The ’molded pulp chicken box,’ which was introduced for the first time in Korea, is made of raw pulp, a natural material, to ensure food safety so that consumers can use it with confidence. The practicality was also reviewed; not only is the box designed with air holes on the surface to keep the chicken crispy for a long time, but the lid of the box can also be removed and used as a tray to hold pickled radish or chicken bones.Moorim P&P’s molded pulp used as the main material for the chicken box is the only product in Korea made from 100% natural virgin pulp that has passed the global tests from the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Federal Agency for Risk Assessment (BfR) and therefore proven hygienic and safe. It is also the only molded pulp in Korea to acquire Food Safety Management System (FSSC 22000) certification. Its unparalleled strength and durability perfectly protect the contents, and outstanding oil and water resistance (the ability to block oil and moisture) make it perfect for holding and storing oily foods. It is also conveniently microwavable.​      ​In addition, Moorim’s naturally molded pulp has already earned a reputation in the industry as an environmentally friendly product. It naturally decomposes in 26 weeks in the ground and has obtained biodegradability certification (OK compost HOME) from ‘TVU AUSTRIA,’ a prestigious European testing organization. Moorim P&P’s molded pulp ‘moohae,’ which has been recognized for its superior product quality and eco-friendliness developed from the unrivaled technology of Korea’s only pulp manufacturer, is currently widely used as an eco-friendly container for various food products in E-mart and Coupang and was recently selected as the ‘2023 Korea Green Product of the Year’ by the Korea Green Purchasing Network. The industry expects the introduction of molded pulp chicken boxes will also help Kyochon Chicken franchises improve the efficiency of their store operations, as the molded pulp boxes need not be folded and assembled manually, whereas the existing boxes require this process.As such, Kyochon Chicken expects this collaboration with Moorim P&P to be a successful example of ESG management practices that fulfill both ‘carbon reduction’ and ‘win-win management.’ In response, the company plans to introduce the packaging for one of its signature menus, ‘Honey Combo,’ and start supplying it to some franchises in the capital metropolitan area in November, gradually expanding to stores nationwide.Yong-soo Lim, head of Moorim’s Molded Pulp Business Division, said, “Following the recent replacement of High1 Resort hotel amenity packages with molded pulp, we are once again collaborating with Kyochon Chicken, Korea’s leading chicken franchise, and Moorim P&P’s molded pulp have been recognized for their versatility, quality, and eco-friendliness. As an industry leader expanding the molded pulp market, we will continue to present the infinite utilization value of pulp molds, not only for food containers but also for household products, digital appliance packaging, and cushioning materials, and take the lead in ESG management practices.”​ 

Date 2023.11.01
Moorim Participates in Kolmar Korea Sustainability Seminar

   Moorim (CEO Lee Do-kyun) participated in the “Kolmar Korea Sustainability Seminar” held by Kolmar Korea (CEO Choi Hyun-gyu), the largest global cosmetics original design manufacturer(ODM), on September 6. At the seminar held at Kolmar Korea R&D Complex, Moorim was selected as a representative eco-friendly new material company along with LG Chemicals, Lotte Chemical, and CJ Cheil Jedang, and had the opportunity to introduce its eco-friendly paper products and pulp materials to more than 250 people from the cosmetics and packaging industries who are preparing for a sustainable future. At the seminar, Moorim informed the ESG management practices in the paper industry in line with the government’s policy to remove plastics and consumers’ value consumption trends and presented the role of paper as an eco-friendly material. In particular, Moorim actively promoted the eco-friendliness of paper, including the eco-friendly all-pulp board for packaging that is widely used in the cosmetics industry, and the efforts to expand the demand in this market by complementing barrier properties. In addition, Moorim introduced the strengths of paper, such as biodegradability and recyclability, through new materials, including cellulose nanofiber (CNF) and bioplastics, as well as eco-friendly paper and molded pulp products utilizing Korea’s only natural virgin pulp.Meanwhile, in July 2021, Moorim and Kolmar Korea signed a strategic business MOU on the development of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging materials and raw materials, and jointly developed and applied ‘NeoCCP R30,’ an eco-friendly packaging paper. ‘NeoCCP R30’ is an eco-friendly product that utilizes recycled pulp to maintain existing printability while adding resource recycling value. In addition, Moorim is supplying ‘Neoforet FLEX,’ a flexible packaging paper that can be used for various purposes, such as paper tubes, pouches, and labels, to Kolmar Korea.Moorim has set up a product promotion zone on-site and provided related souvenirs so that seminar visitors could experience various eco-friendly paper packaging products that can replace plastic materials, including ‘NeoCCP R30,’ ‘Neoforet FLEX,’ and ‘Neoforet Inner Frame,’ an eco-friendly paper frame. In the future, Moorim plans to accelerate the development of sustainable packaging by collaborating with various industries, such as electronics, food, and pharmaceuticals, which are increasingly demanding eco-friendly paper packaging materials due to the spread of ESG management.

Date 2023.09.15
Moorim, “No harmful substances in Korean paper straws”

   The recent announcement by a Belgian research team that per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFAS) have been detected in paper straws has raised concerns that some inaccurate information and speculation could lead to consumer confusion and a decline in the Korean paper market. It was pointed out that the study was conducted on a few specific paper straws in circulation in Belgium and that it is unreasonable to generalize the result to all paper straws. The paper industry is concerned that this could lead to distrust of domestically produced eco-friendly paper straws that have been found to be free of the substance. Seoil, a purely Korean firm ranked first in the global straw market, also dismissed the allegation of detecting harmful substances in its paper straws on the market as unfounded. Seoil is a leading global straw manufacturer with nine factories in Korea and abroad, exporting to more than 120 countries around the globe for the past 45 years. The company supplies eco-friendly paper straws to global food and beverage firms such as Nestle and large Korean food and beverage companies such as Maeil Dairies and Seoul Milk. Moreover, with the recent ESG trend and the growing need for eco-friendly products, Seoil plays a leading role in the market shift from plastic to paper straws. With orders from food and beverage companies worldwide constantly increasing, the company is equipped with a paper straw production facility with a capacity of over 20 billion straws, thanks to its heavy investment. In addition, since straws are products that come into contact with the mouth, Seoil determined that it is of utmost importance that they are safe and eco-friendly. The company has taken the lead in developing and distributing eco-friendly paper by partnering with Moorim. This raw paper straw paper manufacturer has passed the tests on not only the harmlessness to the human body but also the biodegradability and recyclability. The base paper used for Seoil’s paper straws is Neoforet STRAW, Moorim’s representative eco-friendly paper, which has acquired certifications in biodegradability and recyclability. It has also passed food safety tests by the US FDA and the European BfR. In particular, it has obtained the test report from an international organization stating that it does not contain any per- and polyfluorinated compounds (that become the issue these days), as well as about 60 other harmful substances, officially proving its harmlessness to humans. “We are leading the global paper straw market with the best quality, but it is very unfortunate that all paper straws are glossed over as if they harm the environment and health,” said Park Jae-il, Vice Chairperson of Seoil. “We are making meticulous efforts day and night to improve our eco-friendliness and quality, so we hope that consumers will trust and support Korean paper and our paper straws.” Meanwhile, the paper industry and pulp and paper-related academia are also joining forces at the level of the entire paper industry to minimize the impact of the announcement of overseas study. They plan to establish clear standards for eco-friendly paper products and deliver correct information through various media while actively promoting the eco-friendliness of Korean paper to the general public.  ▷ You can find more eco-friendly information about Neoforet STRAW through the link below.​ 

Date 2023.09.06
Moorim launches patent-pending ‘real’ paper wet wipes

 ​Moorim (CEO: Lee Do-gyun), an integrated pulp, paper, and new materials company is once again taking the lead in practicing ESG values in everyday life by launching real paper wet wipes made from 100% natural pulp. Their new product, ‘moohae Paper Wet Wipes,’ is paper wet wipes developed to contribute to carbon neutrality through eco-friendly paper products by participating in global efforts to reduce plastic usage, including the enactment of an international plastic convention. By using natural biodegradable materials to replace synthetic fabrics such as non-woven fabrics, polyester, and polypropylene, the company focused on preventing the generation of microplastics and realizing plastic-free value. The product is also a ‘paper fabric’ that is differentiated from other tissue fabrics made from natural pulp and is characterized by increased strength in addition to sustainability. In particular, a patent was applied (application number: 10-2023-0044821) for ‘moohae Paper Wet Wipes Natural,’ which retains a natural feel by using unprocessed natural pulp and has been tested for the absence of fluorescent brighteners and microplastics, as well as three harmful substances, making it safe for sensitive skin. Moorim P&P is the only company in Korea that manufactures natural virgin wood pulp in its pulp mill and stated that they developed the product using the said raw material.  ​Currently, moohae Paper Wet Wipes have been launched in a package containing a single sheet for business and promotion use so that they can be used and generalized first in hospitality establishments that prepare and sell food and beverages and companies that practice ESG management. Following the introduction of the product to restaurants, such as ‘Bomi Boribap,’ a healthy Korean food restaurant, the company plans to expand its sales network to large franchise restaurants, cafes, and food service facilities. Meanwhile, Moorim, which celebrated its 67th anniversary on July 26, is planning to continue its vision of expanding eco-friendly products based on its differentiated paper technology and know-how as the first company to mass produce wood-free paper in Korea. “Paper, which is born from nature and returns to nature, is the most representative model of the circular economy,” said Lee Do-gyun in his commemorative speech, and further expressed his will to lead the carbon neutrality through the circular economy with Moorim’s eco-friendly products. In addition, the eco-friendly molded pulp brand ‘moohae,’ which was launched with the meaning of ‘Moorim’s Answer,’ attracted the attention of the public after being selected in the ‘Personal Care Products’ category of the Korea Green Purchasing Network’s ‘2023 Korea Green Product of the Year Award (Green Award).’ To commemorate the winning of the Green Award and the launch of paper wet wipes, Moorim is offering a 30% discount on moohae Paper Wet Wipes (while stocks last) on ‘Moorim Store’ on Naver Smart Store. ​

Date 2023.08.01
Moorim partners with Starfield to launch ‘Moohae World’ to spread ESG values

    ​Moorim (CEO: Lee Do-gyun), the comprehensive pulp, paper, and new materials company, is back with a consumer-friendly event to practice ESG values. Until June 29, the company is holding ‘Paper Adventure 2023 – Moohae World’ at Shinsegae’s shopping complexes Starfield Goyang and Hanam to promote the value of paper in everyday life and the importance of the environment through unique experiences using low-carbon paper and biodegradable natural pulp. ‘Paper Adventure’ is the first large-scale paper experience event for the general public in Korea that is designed to provide new experiences and values through pulp and paper. It made its debut in May last year and received a great response, with about 40,000 people visiting the event over 14 days. This year, the event was doubled by extending the event period to a month and expanding to two locations – Starfield Goyang and Hanam – through a stronger partnership with Shinsegae Properties. The industry is expecting this event to be a meaningful example of collaboration for practicing ESG values. The meeting of Moorim, the only company in Korea that produces low-carbon paper certified by the Ministry of Environment and has a reputation as an eco-friendly paper company, and Shinsegae Starfield, a company leading ESG value management in various fields, is expected to present a new alternative to sustainable management. In particular, the event also introduced the eco-store ‘Moohae Store’ so that the visitors can not only experience but also purchase eco-friendly products and practice environmentally friendly consumption in their daily lives. Moorim’s eco-friendly products that can be used widely in daily life, such as natural virgin molded pulp containers and biodegradable paper cups, were offered at a special discounted price, allowing visitors to purchase them in small quantities as they wish. In addition, Moorim put the environment first, not only in products but also in operations, by replacing plastics with low-carbon paper shopping bags to minimize plastic packaging.    With this focus on the environment, the entire venue was decorated like a giant paper theme park to showcase the value of clean and safe paper. A ticket booth shaped like a large paper roll, a 7-meter high paper castle, and a paper carousel greet visitors as they enter the entrance of the ‘Moohae World.’ Various exotic experience contents are also organized to provide a whole new experience through paper. An experiential space was constructed to allow children to safely roll around and draw on large 1.2m-wide low-carbon paper to their heart’s content while rich programs for all, such as ‘making your own paper flowerpot’ using biodegradable paper cups, ‘molded pulp block games’ where visitors complete colorful Moohae World castle walls by coloring the natural molded pulp blocks, will stimulate visitors’ senses. There will also be special events to entertain visitors’ eyes and ears. An upgraded paper airplane stunt performance by the national paper airplane team ‘Weplay,’ which was very successful at the last event, will be put on stage to heat the scene. In addition, visitors who complete the experience authentication (punching) on the free Moohae World Pass distributed at the ticket booth or take a photo at the on-site photo booth and post it on Moorim’s official Instagram account (@moorim.official) with the required hashtag will receive generous gifts such as vouchers for the Aqua Field Spa and Moorim’s limited edition low-carbon memo kit. More information on the event is available on Moorim’s official Instagram account. “This event is carefully designed to promote the safe and environmentally friendly value of paper, while also to let it lead to eco-friendly consumption in real life, said Lee Do-gyun, CEO of Moorim, who added, “As Korea’s leading eco-friendly paper manufacturer, we will continue to take the lead in ESG management by organizing various events to promote the value of paper.” 

Date 2023.06.13
Moorim refines low-carbon green management for net-zero practices

    ​‘Moorim’ (CEO: Lee Do-gyun), Korea’s leading pulp, paper, and new materials company, has announced that it will provide the environmentally friendly value and potential of paper, solidify its commitment to low-carbon green management, and strengthen its ESG management philosophy for a sustainable future. Moorim is the only company in the Korean paper industry to be certified as a low-carbon product manufacturer and has been producing products with superior greenhouse gas reduction compared to similar products in the same industry. In addition, the company recently confirmed the investment of about KRW 280 billion for the construction of an additional eco-friendly recovery boiler using clean fuel at its Ulsan Plant as a part of its commitment to contribute to carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As such, in addition to the production of low-carbon paper and the expansion of carbon-reduction facilities, the company decided to implement sustainable forest management and ecosystem protection projects in earnest to promote activities that contribute to carbon neutrality in the environmental and social sectors and shaped its low-carbon green management. As the first step, the company set May 25 as ‘Moorim Green Day’ and started activities to protect the green earth for a sustainable future as a part of its commitment to contribute to the protection of the environment by promoting the use of eco-friendly products by informing the public that biodegradable, endocrine disruptor-free and low-carbon emission products can be used in place of plastics in various parts of daily life. In response, Moorim donated 50,000 biodegradable containers made of natural wood pulp to ‘Kkottongne Box Lunch,’ which provides free box lunches for the underprivileged, to wish their neighbors good health and practice carbon neutrality by reducing the amount of plastics used. The donated containers are enough to provide box lunches for about 20 months for neighbors who visit Kkottongne Box Lunch. In particular, the meaning of the donation was enhanced by the collaboration with the Seoul Green Purchasing Support Center under the Ministry of Environment. Meanwhile, in addition to this donation challenge, PT. Plasma Nutfah Marind Papua (hereinafter PT. PNMP, a separately invested subsidiary of Moorim P&P), which has been conducting reforestation projects in Indonesia to further strengthen its commitment to ecosystem protection and forest management, also announced that it will declare ‘zero deforestation’ on June 1 and participate in sustainable forest resource conservation in line with increasing environmental standards worldwide. In line with its ESG initiatives to respond to climate change and realize carbon neutrality, the company will stop deforestation in its current forested areas and focus on forest management and conservation activities.Moorim’s commitment to sustainable forest management began early on and was crystallized in May 2021 when the 2,000-hectare (about 6.9 times the size of Yeouido) birch forest in Inje, Gangwon-do received FSC FM certification.The FSC FM certification system is a system granted by FSC to organizations and companies that manage forest resources in an environmentally and economically excellent manner in order to prevent forest degradation and environmental destruction and practice sustainable forest management. It is known for its difficult acquisition procedure, which includes preliminary audits, on-site inspections, and main inspections, and it requires annual maintenance inspections even after obtaining the certificate. Moorim’s Inje Forest is the first and, to date, only corporate forest in Korea to receive this certification. Since 1985, when Moorim acquired the Inje Forest, the company has thoroughly managed it for ecosystem protection and forest conservation without any commercial activities. This know-how will be shared with PT. PNMP, a separate entity that has declared ‘zero-deforestation,’ and be positively linked to the establishment of future management plans for the Indonesian region. Meanwhile, in addition to donating lunch containers to the underprivileged, Moorim is also preparing a second donation challenge to share the meaning of environmental protection and carbon neutrality with the general public. At its pop-up store event at the shopping complex ‘Starfield Goyang,’ the company is planning to hold a donation challenge for eco-friendly products on June 5, Environment Day. Moorim will donate as many eco-friendly products to environmental organizations as the number of paper postcards filled out by customers at the pop-up store – ‘Paper Adventure’ – to be used in a meaningful way. As such, Moorim has established a carbon neutrality plan that meets global standards for sustainable low-carbon green management and continuously manages it at the company level. In order to listen to international standards and expert recommendations, Moorim plans to actively participate in various conferences and is currently participating in WCEF 2023 (The World Circular Economy Forum), which is being held in Helsinki, Finland. WCEF 2023 is a global forum for government organizations and global companies on resource circulation systems, and Moorim was the only representative of the Korean paper industry to participate at the official invitation of the Embassy of Finland in Seoul. 

Date 2023.06.02
Moorim P&P Installs New Eco-Friendly Heat Recovery Steam Generator

 Moorim, a comprehensive pulp, paper, and new material company, is accelerating its ESG management by strengthening differentiated eco-friendly systems for each business site. Moorim Paper’s Jinju Factory has established a ‘chimneyless factory’ system by closing its bunker-C oil steam generator and using steam from cogeneration facilities, while Moorim SP’s Daegu Factory became the first factory in the paper industry to replace bunker-C oil with liquefied natural gas (LNG), a cleaner fuel, in 1997 to minimize air pollutants. In addition, earlier this May, Moomin P&P announced that it will invest about KRW 280 billion to build a new ‘eco-friendly heat recovery steam generator’ at its Ulsan Factory, once again suggesting an alternative for sustainable management. Moorim P&P is the only company in Korea that produces pulp, the raw paper material, and converts ‘black liquor,’ a biomass fuel generated in the pulp production process, into renewable energy such as steam and steam to produce paper and other products. The eco-friendly heat recovery steam generator (eco-friendly boiler) is a core facility that plays a pivotal role in converting black liquor to green energy. Through this investment, Moorim P&P will produce pulp and paper without using any fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 870,000 tons per year. The factory is widely known as a leading eco-friendly factory in the paper industry and produces the only Ministry of Environment-certified low-carbon paper in Korea. In particular, the new eco-friendly boiler that will be introduced is equipped with the latest performance and outstanding efficiency and can produce about twice as much energy as the existing boilers. This will dramatically reduce greenhouse gases, and the energy cost savings alone is expected to reach about KRW 31.8 billion per year. In consideration of the positive effects of combating the climate crisis and increasing productivity, Moorim P&P has decided to make a bold investment in installing a new eco-friendly boiler and is in close consultation with external experts with the aim of starting construction in the second half of this year. “Based on our pulp competitiveness and stable cash flow, the installation of the new eco-friendly boiler is expected to proceed smoothly,” said an official from Moorim P&P, who added that once completed, the boiler was expected to bring tangible and intangible positive effects, such as cost reduction and environmental protection. Meanwhile, Moorim P&P had KRW 102.1 billion in cash and cash equivalents at the end of the first quarter and recorded KRW 196 billion and KRW 14.3 billion in sales and operating profit in the first quarter, respectively. Moomin P&P will go one step further and actively consider selling surplus energy. The company is planning to use the energy generated by the new eco-friendly boiler to run the internal factory and promote the environmental value of black liquor to create added value and develop sales to companies that require such energy. The industry expects the introduction of Moorim P&P’s new eco-friendly boiler to be a major advanced case of ESG management. It is expected to be a new alternative for sustainable management by using resources from the production process as its own energy source and exploring various uses to contribute to net zero while generating economic benefits.   

Date 2023.05.17