Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Sustainability Management, making healthier tomorrow

Moorim practices sustainable management by pursuing mutual prosperity, change, and innovation.
As a company that has been leading the history of Korean paper industry,
we make healthier tomorrow by prioritizing social and environmental values,
rather than simply producing paper.

Direction of sustainable management
Value Creation
Through infinite potential and eco-friendliness of ‘Pulp’ and ‘Paper’, we offer the potential to expand into a heterogeneous industry by developing alternative eco-friendly materials.
  • Acquired eco-friendly water-soluble coating ‘Biodegradable Certification’
  • Acquired food safety system certification ‘FSSC 22000’ for molded pulp
Based on eco-friendly production systems such as integrated pulp and paper mill that minimizes the use of fossil fuels, we are leading the development of eco-friendly products with the lowest carbon emissions.
  • First in Korean paper industry to acquire ‘Low-Carbon Product Certification’
  • First in Korean paper industry to acquire ‘FSC®-CoC certification’
Strong Communication
We are endlessly communicating our customers to provide better value, convenience, and become a more trustworthy company based on the highest quality service
  • Awarded the first prize in the category of ‘paper manufacturing’ for the 2024 Korea First Brand Awards
  • Awarded ‘Avery Dennision’ special recognition for customer satisfaction two times
Green Management Policy
FSC® core labour requirements and statements

“Moorim implements a Sustainable forest management that protects the forest.”

  • 1 Moorim gives due consideration to the rights and obligations established by national law, while at the same time fulfilling the objectives of the requirements.
  • 2Moorim does not use child labour.
  • 3Moorim eliminates all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
  • 4Moorim ensures that there is no discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • 5Moorim respects freedom of association and the effective right to collective bargaining.
FSC certification is an international certification system that certifies that all processes of the supply chain, including their production, distribution, and processing, are managed in an eco-friendly manner for sustainable forest management and forest protection. On April 20, 2022, Moorim, a company that had acquired the first FSC certification in the Korean paper industry in 2007,
has promised to comply with and implement the following principles in order to create a cleaner and healthier tomorrow
and grow together with society:


Sustainability Report

2021 Moorim ESG DATA BOOK