Pulp&Paper Innovation that
adds Values to our lives.

Infinite possibilities of pulp –
connecting to our vision of paper’s future
Pulp, paper, and new material R&D Center, where all possibilities begin

Various research researches is being conducted to add greater value to everyday lives,
from procedures to manufacture better papers with advanced technology,
creating state-of-the-art materials. Moorim’s integrated pulp and paper research institute –
the very place where all possibilities of the paper industry are born,
from pulp to paper and new materials made from them.

  • Date of Establishment

    1986. 12

  • Research Institutes

    New Material Development Institute
    (located at Moorim P&P Ulsan Plant)

    Technology Support Research Institute
    (Located at Moorim Paper Jinju Plant)

  • Research fields

    Development and process configuration of eco-friendly new products and new materials Performance of joint industry-academia and government research projects

  • Laboratory

    Paper Analysis Lab
    Analysis of product and component with TGA, FE-SEM

    Paper Making Lab
    Research for new raw materials and process improvement

    Advanced Materials Lab
    Research and development of advanced materials obtained from the pulping process

    Pulp Lab
    Research for optimal pulp production

    Paper Test Lab
    Analysis of the paper properties and search for improvement in paper quality

    Paper Coating Lab
    Improving paper quality through analysis of coating color components and designs for mixing color

    Composite Materials Lab
    Biocomposite manufacturing and its properties research

Registration Date Registration Number Name of the Patent
2021. 07 10-2276561-0000 Complex exhaust gas treatment equipment and control method thereof
2021. 06 10-2263472-0000 Environment-friendly air cushion sheet based on paper and the method of manufacturing thereof
2020. 08 10-2143931-0000 Method for manufacturing polymer composition, polymer composition and molded plastic using the same
2020. 08 10-2143930-0000 Masterbatch, resin composition and product comprising the same
2020. 02 10-2082916-0000 Manufacturing method for polymer composite materials containing cellulose
2019. 05 10-1980598-0000 Manufacturing method for oligo-saccharide and pulp
2019. 02 10-1952316-0000 Method of manufacturing a dissolving pulp
2017. 10 10-2018-0172256 Method for recycling drying sludge and paper using the same
2015. 05 10-1521238-0000 The method of high purity lignin extraction from black liquor
2015. 04 10-1517426-0000 The method of fiberizing knots from pulp, the fiberized knots, and paper product using the same
2015. 01 10-1484029-0000 The method for preparing fi ller agglomerate having uniform particle distribution
2014. 10 10-1457470-0000 Paper with high dry strength containing hemicellulose and producing method thereof
2013. 03 10-1242713-0000 Filler preflocculation equipment for paper-manufacturing process
2007. 01 10-0667473-0000 Voting paper and manufacturing method for improving of seal-ink application quality and an auto voting quality
External Cooperation Project Progress
Centralized Administration
(Specialized Project Management Institutions)
Detailed Project Name Name of the R&D Project Research and Development Period
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)
Development of Bioindustrial Technology Development of the additives for the high-transparency biodegradable oxygen and moisture barrier films with a biomass content of at least 90% 2020.04.01 ~ 2024.12.31
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)
Development of Material and Component Technology Development of low-cost, large-quantity manufacturing technology for eco-friendly cellulose fiber materials for automotive interior composites with nanoscale dispersion in polymer resins 2020.04.01 ~ 2023.12.31
Korea Forest Service
(Korea Forestry Promotion Institute)
Development of High Value-Added Advanced Technology for Wood Resource Development of manufacturing process for eco-friendly composites by applying cellulose hydrophobization technology 2020.04.01 ~ 2022.12.31
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)
Development of Material and Component Technology Development of composites for automotive interiors using nanocellulose and lignin-based resins 2016.09.01 ~ 2019.08.31
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)
Project on the Development of Core Technology for the Nano Fusion Industry Development of low-cost process-based cellulose nanofiber mass manufacturing technology 2016.07.01 ~ 2020.09.30
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
(Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning)
Development of Core Technology for the Energy Resource Convergence Development of carbon dioxide fiber reduction loading technology 2010.11.01 ~ 2015.10.31
Pulp is the new possibility

The pulp, which is produced from Moorim P&P’s integrated mill,
has a lot of value of use not only for manufacturing paper but also for the use of new material.
There is an active research ongoing to replace chemical-based products into natural ingredient, the wood pulp

Cellulose powder
  • Powder made from pulverized pulp; more color-expressive and stronger than ‘wood flour’ made by grinding wood or sawdust.
  • Application brick, insulator, construction materials such as CRC board

    Person in charge Nano PG
    1. Contact : +82. 52.240.6182
    2. Email :

Kraft lignin
  • A high-purity/highly functional eco-friendly material that can replace petrochemical products
  • Earth’s most abundant phenolic natural polymer
  • Extracted and purified from black liquor generated from kraft pulping
  • Application adhesives and binders, carbon fiber, bioplastics, dispersants, batteries

    Person in charge Bio PG
    1. Contact : +82. 52.240.6162
    2. email :