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Moorim Global Network,
Moorim USA (Atlanta)
3700 Crestwood Pkwy, Suite 200, Duluth, GA 30096 USA

TEL. +1-770-680-5190 / FAX. +1-770-674-7790

Moorim USA (LA)
17890 Castleton St. Suite 302, City of Industry, CA 91748, USA

TEL. +1-626-363-4698 / FAX. +1-626-363-4712

Moorim UK
Unit 3, Kingsmill Business Park, Chapel Mill Road, Kington Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 3GZ, UK

TEL.+44.(0)1483-215160 / FAX. +44(0)1483-728128

Division Name Assignment area Tel E-mail Duty
MOORIM USA (Atlanta) Jay Kim - 1.770.680.5190 Ext.5 President
MOORIM USA (Atlanta) I.K Lee USA 1.770.680.5190 Executive Vice President
MOORIM USA (Atlanta) Ted Cho USA 1.770.680.5190 Ext.7 General Manager
MOORIM USA (Atlanta) Dennis Kim USA 1.770.680.5190 Ext.8 Sales Manager
MOORIM USA (Atlanta) Peter Lee USA 1.770.680.5190 Ext.3 Administration
MOORIM USA (LA) David nam USA 1.626.636.4698 General Manager
MOORIM USA (LA) Jeffrey Brown USA 1.626.636.4698 Sales Executive
MOORIM UK Aiden Lee Europe 44(0)1483.215161 Managing Director
MOORIM UK Paul Tooby Europe 44(0)1483.215166 Sales Manager
MOORIM UK Kyungwon Kim Europe 44(0)1483.215163 Sales & Purchasing
MOORIM UK Robert Aiken Europe 44(0)1483.215162 Sales Coordinator